Fabiana Matuoka, a Brazilian-born half Japanese leather artisan, embarked on a journey of career transformation after realizing her dissatisfaction with her business degree and professional path. Her pursuit for a new calling led her to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she discovered Maison Aubele—an influential establishment that introduced her to the world of handbag design, pattern making, and the practicality of different materials. While engrossed in researching raw materials and equipment, fate brought her to the website of Amblard Leather Atelier (ALA).

In 2017, Fabiana seized the opportunity to visit San Francisco, where she had the privilege of attending classes taught by Beatrice Amblard, a former artisan of the renowned brand Hermès. It was during her stay that she found her true passion: the art of crafting handmade leather handbags and accessories utilizing the intricate saddle stitch technique..

Completing the comprehensive program at ALA in 2018, Fabiana took her first independent steps as a designer and craftsman, embarking on the creation of her inaugural product line.

We proudly introduce KUBEEKA /ku·bee·ka/, Fabiana's new brand offering a captivating range of leather products available for purchase.

The name "KUBEEKA" derives its inspiration from various elements:

  • KU    represents the concept of cubes and tridimensional forms characterized by their straight lines.
  • BEE    stems from the first two letters of Fabiana's name, symbolizing her personal connection to the brand.
  • KA    signifies Matuoka, Fabiana's family name, reflecting her heritage and identity.

Discover the exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance of KUBEEKA as you explore and acquire these meticulously crafted leather creations.